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Ulocs have research and product development capacity in Sweden and a network of production facilities in Asia. 

We are passionate about wearable tech, sensors and radio and we have developed so many prototypes that we lost count long time ago.

In the last two years we have been involved in product development of such things as smart watches, mobile phone accessories, medical devices, fitness clothing, devices, lab equipment etc. Our latest gadget is the ISPOPOD   The prototype is now in version 2.5 and will be introduced to potential customers during Q1 2015.
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Normally the process would start with a non-binding discussion with the aim to build a prototype or a series of prototypes. Then a thorough testing is needed to determine what is good and what can be improved.

The UIocs sensor meshing platform have a market leading performance for the following:

Defining Physical Status
Categorizing Mental State
3D posture
Geocontexual positioning

These are the components to build a next generation wearable tech device that separate itself from the existing problem with the devices in the market today:

When the number of buyers/users of a wearable tech device that stops using the device is larger than the number of users after 6 months, what can make you start using the device again or less complicated, buy another device that can make you more satisfied the next time?

“even in the best of scenarios many of these objects are going to end up buried in a desk drawer in five years”

Steve Holmes, vice president of Intel’s New Devices Group September 2013 & designer of Nike Fuelband


Dir. Ants Patrik Maran ants @ ulocs dot com  +46 (0) 738-386-826