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ULOCS mounted on shoe for recording of data. © Maran Communications 2013-15

Ulocs is a power house delivering new sensor mesh technologies, product development and innovation research to meet the demand of the market years ahead.

We started out in February 2012 with a research project to define how to integrate "ordinary" sensors, the ones that you see in Smartphones, into a new configuration that enables them to listen to body movements with a multiple higher accuracy than they can achieve in the disturbed environment of a Smartphone.

After six months we found a way to run sensors in a new way and integrate x2, x4, x8 etc numbers of the same sensors and achieve a exponential accuracy growth that none had seen in any wearable technology device so far.

And at an affordable price.

During the winter 2012/13 Ulocs came out of stealth and was immediately given attention from funds, competitions and startup rankings as Sten K Johnsons fond, Wearable Technologies Innovation Cup 2013/14 and Red Herring.

In 2014 Ulocs have been researching the possibility to understand the human body language and in October presented some of the findings at the Fashion Futures symposium in Daegu, South Korea. The symposium aimed at bringing research, startups and textile industry together to discuss potential new growth areas.

Now, for the second consecutive time, Ulocs have been picked as finalist for the Wearable Technology Innovation Cup and will be presenting at the prize ceremony in Munich the 2nd of February. The project is called ISPOPOD and is a safety belt (!) for people in risk environments which connects sensor based devices with a sophisticated communication device in the belt, powered by the latest in battery technology. Read more here >>

The prototype is now in version 2.5 and will be introduced to potential customers during Q1 this year.


Dir. Ants Patrik Maran ants @ ulocs dot com  +46 (0) 738-386-826

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